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Experience, opportunity, nature, and nurture are life-long educators.
Hi, You are who you are.

Sustainability: Relevant and resilient.
Efficient and adaptable. Eco-friendliness.
The Golden Rule. Voluntary simplicity.

Kindly help intercept and outlaw weapons of massive destruction.
In 2019, I gave to United Human Rights,
to Global, and to
international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons,

Also see Go Green, Recipes, and more.

And here's my poem: Music:
Carefully chosen chords bonding souls together,
heart strings heard, "Music crosses (bridges) divides".
Poem written in memory of and quoting my grandmother, 1911-2001.
I have always hoped to live healthfully to age 100.

Thanks again, with Ethical. 9 extra large florals

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Homozygous in the MTHFR gene, O- blood type, left handed, and low bp.