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Holiday 2018Your new background image?

-Not shown is Donald Bellamy Sinclair, my Canadian grandfather who earned a medal from President Truman. I wrote this poem in memory of Don:

The Owl, He nests up high where wind isn't mild. Old brown owl overseeing the wild. Through the trees he swoops with grace. He glides to a stop surveying his place.

Hi, I thank you all for visiting! No thanks needed. Critique welcome. Be your friend too? -My blog highlights are below.

-My earliest memories are of fun in my father's Palo Alto, CA home with an atrium. My brother, Ken is older. I grew up in Pittsford, NY and graduated from Pittsford Sutherland H.S. My B.A. is from Wheaton College, MA. I included a semester at University of Edinburgh, SCO. While my first class was Ethics, I majored in Economics and worked (at The Talbots) to help pay tuition. I have always been an Independent, hoping to live to age ~100!

In Boston, I worked a little at what was then The Wang Celebrity Series and BBH&Co. I was asked to teach Sunday school at King's Chapel for two years. I have studied painting in ITA and divorced.

In Pittsford again, I worked at Clover Capital. My husband is Sam (Samuel F.B. Morse). He is a 35-year employee of University of Rochester/LLE. We had a dog and have a son. Nate's name was my idea. He can change it. I have created two board games; the best is non-competitive, Story Season. Then, I decided to volunteer, here partly on behalf of my-guess-of the future world. This has been an ongoing (thank you) website* for the preservation of goodnesses. There is much more to preserve and conserve from the world and America. Anti-high-arrogance, pro-truth...

As a future grown up enjoying his childhood, each year, our son chose to become a "lifer" at Allendale Columbia school, books, golf, piano, and later, Go. At University of Rochester, he chooses to study Mathematics, Optics, and Carillon. I also rarely wear a watch.

Have fun,

Homozygous in the MTHFR gene, O- blood type, left-handed, low bp, once winner of RYC's Unpaid Hand award and Foremost Trophy for sportsmanship in sailing. I changed to golf on my 40th birthday. Sam joined my father's club, OHCC, in 2006. In 2018, I lowered my handicap back to 27.8. I am also an inconsistent member of the YMCA since age 10-11. "No one likes a show off." Enjoy a Quote Bouquet and Garden? It was previously grinched, 2014-2018.

 *In 2012, I created from my I previously owned too. In 2016, following USA elections, I thought might be an improvement for all. Let's see. -"sarg"?

In December I donated a pint of blood to Albany. Thanks Red Cross for emailing emergency need. 5 February

Recover and repeat? Uncover and repair? 25 January 2019

An investment that saves? I like drops of pure Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil as hair and skin conditioner. $10 a year, refrigerated? Thank you, Lori's Natural Foods. 20 January 2019

Best of New Years yet to all. 1-4 January 2019

Dear United Nations, Kindly outlaw genocidal weapons of massive destruction. Thank you. All, Season's Greetings! 12.15-19.18 on this page, 12.20.18 some posts below were on my Go Green page.

I thank thee, all! Enjoy these possibilities? 2.13.19 Ref: In part, Mr. Deepak Chopra, M.D. as brief noted last November.
Sunday: Nature
Monday: Gratitude
Tuesday: Heart
Wednesday: Acceptance
Thursday: Awareness
Friday: Potential
Saturday: Innate

Electronics Recycling To Do Tomorrow, Bishop Kearney High School, Rochester, NY, 9-12 am. Thank you, Senator Rich Funke. 8.10.18

Progress? Look out, I am considering: observation, inference, discern, relevance, pertinence, importance, gratefulness, appropriateness, appreciation.
"I teach for revision." -a friend, name unknown. Vision? I asked. "Revision," he said. 8.1.18 appropriateness added 8.9.18 inference added, thank you Quora, and comparison and usefulness removed. -Not looking back. 8.13.18

"Nature does nothing uselessly." Aristotle 7.31.18

Essentiate? To politely potentiate essential. 7.30.18

Here’s an idea, again: Incoming storm surge? Add ships? "No one wants advice, only collaboration." John Steinbeck 7.13.18 in memory of Dad, O-.

Here’s an idea, again: Shouldn't an international website be established to intercept any launch of a weapon of mass destruction by anyone anywhere? I can imagine an execution failed pop-up window, "Time to knit pillowcases?" One and done? 7.10.18

Peace through Stability
De-oppressing solidarities, new hopes from harmonies, adding peace through stability. Love acknowledges, adapts to climates, gaining fleeting happiness, even whispers of bliss despite problematic challenges. Purposing presence, compassion succeeds going long on values. Eventually, clarity delivers from consequences. Leadership accounts. Who did what when and why? Soon, the future will know more. 6.19.18

-I dream of a non-racist, responsible world. 6.19.18

Data is likely to uncover earnesty, I hope.

11-12 December panels...

24 October, We the Adequate World-Class People? Much can happen with discipline for integrity, enthusiasm, and quality. Fair relevancy matters.

7 October, The Nobel prize committees and others seem to have their heads on straight. Congratulations! I added a link to today.

2 January 2017

A spark of special offers a chance. Shaping an attitude, a reaction can sway resolve, potentiating the direction of belief and next quality happenings.

26 December 2015

Kindness hopes for thee,
delightful goodness welcomed,
growing pleasing peace.

15 March 2009, Go long. Go Green.

Lauren Sinclair Morse

solid foundation: tree growing over a boulder

Sam, Nate, and Lauren Morse 4.13.15

Harmony flows

4 Paintings by Lauren Sinclair Morse

All, Terms, I appreciate your help and respect your privacy and property.
I welcome e-mail. © 2006-2019 Lauren Sinclair Morse, b. June 12, 1963,
Homozygous in the MTHFR gene, O- blood type, left-handed, and low bp.
-There is 'no free lunch' in America. Well-intended diplomatic solutions?
Keeping safe, I attribute my positive attitude also to breathing well,
cleanliness, open-mindedness, and beginning daily exercises
in nursery school too, three healthful meals,
12 hours of fasting and eight hours of sleep per day,
avoiding toxins and medicines, but not some yoga each week,
and taking reputable nutritional supplements as needed.
Sometimes, going for a walk can be refreshing.

Who else possibly have visited my self-sponsored website?
Some may imagine who have helped me, a world citizen - American.
My family and I lost too-early several, including my Dad, 1938-2015.
Have fun.