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Greetings! I wish you a happy life. Sincerely, Lauren
Goodness hopes for thee, ethical welcomed.
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Lauren Sinclair Morse

Thank you again, Anderson School in Texas for your 2006 "K-4 Curriculum Map".

Summer Sky painting

Hi, You are who you are.
I hope these might help to thrive life's vitalities,
schools included.
Ethical hopes for thee,
independence, liberty,
ethical to be free.

I hope you have your parents' permissions.

"If you can't explain it simply,
you don't understand it well."
Albert Einstein

I thank my son. There are many also working to serve a long-term sustainability purpose for and beyond themselves. Yet, some good jobs do not pay sufficient wages.

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Smokey the


Learn how to provision, clothe, and shelter yourself for it?


Learn how to communicate, baby sign, note, and read early?
I still try to improve my skills.

Reading is

Math + Science + Tech.

American Museum Natural Ology

Art of Problem Hands-on Science Centers

Field Trip

Performing and Fine Arts + Athletics

Music, Carefully chosen chords, bonding souls together...

Breathe well while walking and lifting,
run, yoga, swim, bike... play games and more?
I started gently. "Rest and digest." Be good? The Imagination Factory, including Youth

The First



National Geographic

National Wildlife Ranger Rick Kids

. .

Your reasoned goals could be
specific, meaningful, actionable, relevant, and timely.
Why not measureable? No.
Peace Well

Love and empathy


Chances are

a-budding, blossoming,
happiness softens,
happiness glows,
happiness leads
from inside out,
rippling round,
world around.

[for "the correct side of history"]

Dream a Dream

an orange on Christmas 2003

Families and Friends

Holiday 2018

4 Mother's Day 2018

Go Green

Thanks again, with Ethical. 9 extra large florals

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