Morse: ReasonedTime, includes Goodness Lauren: ReasonedTime, includes Goodness

Welcome! Wishing you a happy life, Sincerely, Lauren
Goodness hopes for thee, ethical welcomed.


Reasonings can prevail, underpinning with logic.

Happy SeasonsHappy Seasons RevitalizationRevitalization, Energy energizes. Vitalization connects. Generation evolves. Responsibility awakens. Understanding changes. Gratitude guides. Chance inspires. Revitalization anews. FamiliesFamilies and Friends, organizations too, Many thank you for appreciating sustainability every season. GoodnessGoodness, The subjective quality of being good, moral excellence, a virtue, relative in relationships. An essence for kindness, goodness is a real strength in comparison to not good.

Love and empathy, sharing care...

Thank you.
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